The christenings in the IGI (left map) show two distinct areas where the surname Corser appears - the west Midlands area of England, and north east England/eastern Scotland. In the west Midlands Shropshire has by far the greatest number of occurrences, with much fewer in Staffordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire. In the North the names appears most frequently in Fife and Midlothian, but there are quite high numbers in Angus and Stirling.

In the 1881 census (centre map) the largest number of occurrences is again in the west Midlands, with the greatest number in Shropshire, but there is also a high number of occurrences in Lancashire. There has also been a spread of the name to the south and east, and to the north. However, while there are still occurrences in Stirling, the name appears much less widespread in Scotland.

At the millennium (right map) the name has spread to many of  the English counties, with the area of greatest concentration still in the west Midlands, and the highest concentration of all in the new county of West Midlands, which comprises the major conurbation around Birmingham. Again there are significant numbers in Lancashire and Merseyside and across the north to Cleveland. There are very few occurrences in Scotland plus a few in Wales.


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